Introducing the Records Management Makeover!

Hey there, savvy business owner! Are you tired of drowning in a sea of paper clutter and wasting valuable office space on those monstrous file cabinets? It’s time to rise above the chaos and embrace a transformation that will skyrocket your efficiency, productivity, and bottom line.


Say goodbye to the headaches of disorganized documents and hello to the future of streamlined operations!


VFileCabinet Document Management

Say hello to the digital age! Up to 25 users will enjoy a massive 500 Gigs of Storage. Retrieve any document from any corner of the world, and guess what? Personal training is part of the package! Say goodbye to frustrating document hunts.

archive drawer

Farewell to Filing Cabinets

Wave farewell to that clunky old filing cabinet you've been using as a makeshift paper graveyard. We'll scan the contents of one cabinet and securely shred them after 60 days, leaving you with more space and less clutter.

Reclaim Your Space

Have unused file cabinets turned into space-hogging monoliths? Let us handle them! We'll recycle and remove up to 10 file cabinets, freeing up precious real estate for more valuable endeavors.

Shred it Right

Got boxes of documents gathering dust? We're on it! We'll shred up to 100 boxes, giving your lunchroom a breather and your storage unit a well-deserved break.

industrial scanner

Wholesale Scanning Magic

Got more boxes to conquer? Our Wholesale Scanning option lets you scan additional boxes at an unbeatable rate. And yes, this includes shredding, so you can bid adieu to paper clutter forever!

Upgrade to Virtual Excellence

Take your operations virtual with our optional US Mail receiving, scanning, and routing service. Never miss an important document again, thanks to instant email notifications.