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DBO/DRE Compliant Digital Archiving/Scanning

No Cost for Escrow

ArchiveIT can help you consolidate your record footprint, and get you more efficient if you are still archiving physical files.

The best part is that you do not pay for the service as it is charged off to the transaction. This has been an industry wide accepted practice for over 16 years.

We are licensed, and insured and meet and exceed California Department of Oversight regulations. We are not just a scan company as we assist in managing your retention compliance. Do you really want this potential exposure with scanning in house?

Storing offsite? We can cut that bill in half immediately and get you started on digital archiving going forward. Its simple and easy.

Rates Charged to Transaction

$ 80 Per Transaction
$ 60 Per Transaction
$ 20 Per Transaction

*ArchiveIT has a 100% Guarantee…  If you have a client that will not pay, document it, and there is no charge to you.  We will eat it.

Have boxes in offsite storage?  We can help with that too.  In most cases we can cut that storage bill in half.  We do it by charging you half of what you are paying, and delivering any file now stored with us electronically, next day.

Document Scanning

Documents are picked up, scanned, shredded, or recycled per customer request. NO COST to Escrow when charged to transactions.

Box Storage

Retention level compliance and departmental segregation. Only store what you need for how long you need it by department level.

Remote Access to Files

Files are delivered and stored in a DBO/DRE compliant document management system. You can access all your files remotely from anywhere.

Are You WORM Compliant?

Here is something that really sets us apart from our competitors. Not only are we DBO/DRE complaint, but we are also WORM compliant. We archive optical storage, use CD/DVD backup, and use a Glacier S3 cloud storage for data archiving and long-term backup.

Southern California’s most trusted records management company for over 16 years. Proudly serving over 200 independent escrow companies!

No Cost, No Obligation Trial

ArchiveIT will set up a database exclusively for your escrow company and scan a box of YOUR records (Sales, Refi’s, Cancels) at no charge. The files will be tabbed out to your specifications. We will come to your location and demonstrate the simplicity of usage and our detailed reporting.

*ArchiveIT will scan and commit to digitally archive up to one banker’s box of closed files at no charge. We set up secure database and also burn files to CD. All scanned files will be returned along with CD back up and secure access to digital files. CD backup is yours to keep. If you choose not to start service, Cloud Database will be removed and there is no cost to you. We appreciate you looking at best practice alternatives for your compliance and retention needs.

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