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Document Scanning

Documents are run through high-speed scanners with advanced settings to avoid double-feeds, improve image quality and accurately capture each character. Scanned images are run through a series of quality control steps to ensure image quality and accuracy.

Digital Mail Automation

By transforming your physical mail into a digital format, we make mail management simple, secure, and cost-effective while helping to ensure employees never miss an important piece of mail. We receive, sort, scan, and route your inbound mail the moment it arrives.


Box Storage Exit Strategy

Our box storage solution is unique, providing a clear road map from where you are currently to the point in the future when all traditional file storage has either lived its life and has been shredded or has been electronically archived.

Registered Agent Services

You can trust ArchiveIT as your professional registered agent to receive vital legal communications. We help organizations avoid the risk of fines, and penalties, due to unanswered service of process and record requests.


File Purging and Recycling

Protect your sensitive information with secure document destruction. Any need you might have, from one box to one thousand or more boxes needing on-site or off-site destruction, can be handled.

Restructuring Assistance

ArchiveIT assists companies who are closing their doors forever by continuing to manage and properly retain paper and/or electronic versions of archived files for the legally required retention period, fulfilling subpoenas and file requests as needed.

Retention Compliance

Any and all legal retention requirements are met with the availability of secure online documents in unaltered format for the entire length of the necessary lifecycle.

What Sets Us Apart?

We understand your records’ importance and treat them with the care necessary to preserve their integrity. At ArchiveIT, we offer a full suite of document scanning and storage solutions.

Documents are run through high-speed scanners and processed with intelligent capture tools to extract metadata for full-text search and other downstream applications significantly reducing data entry.

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